cap and flutter sleeves

more about sleeves today, specifically my favorite types of sleeves for little girls: cap and flutter sleeves.

flutter sleeves are very short sleeves that poof or flutter out. dainty and feminine i really like how they look, especially on outfits for nora and etta like these poppy dresses i made them last summer.  i highly recommend the garden party dress and tunic pattern for learning flutter sleeves.

love aunt maggie | flutter sleeves

another great pattern to learn flutter sleeves is the oliver + s butterfly blouse, which i used to make neela her float like a butterfly, sting like a bee top:

butterfly blouse.jpg

cap sleeves are very short sleeves that 'cap' the shoulder. my favorite way to make this is by just including them in the bodice piece, as is done with the oliver + s bubble dress bodice, pictured here in etta's bubble tea dress:

love aunt maggie _ bubble tea dresses c.jpg

and roller skate dress:

so there you have my two favorite kinds of sleeves!


aunt maggie