front hip pockets

today we're talking about a type of pockets very common in adult clothing: the front hip pocket. the name says it all, these are flat pockets on the front of a garment. 

here they are in the baby pants i made miss neela:

and the hippie baby pants I made mr. thatcher.

these always look tricky, but if you have a well drafted pattern with good instructions they are a snap. i've found that edge stitching the pocket facing is really essential. 

personally i like to an accent fabric on the facing and use a contrasting thread. like i did below for the sunday brunch skirts

speaking if that fabric and skirts, I've made front hip pockets for myself more than once via the everyday skirt

i recommend the following patterns for learning front hip pockets:

oliver + s art museum vest & trousers

oliver + s sunday brunch skirt

lisel + co everyday skirt


aunt maggie