patch pockets

a big reason why I started love aunt maggie was to share, or at least document, all the random knowledge I have acquired about sewing over the last few years. even if that knowledge is just a pattern recommendation or a link to a really awesome tutorial on YouTube. in addition to posting about it here i'll be building all this information in a technique library.

today i am starting this by talking about pockets, in particular patch pockets.

patch pockets are the most basic type of pocket, a piece of fabric is attached to the main garment on three sides with either a zig-zag or edge stitch. 

in my experience zig-zag stitching is the easiest way to attach these, but for a more professional look you will want to use edge stitching. regardless my advice is the same for the first time you do this: stitch slow and use a fabric combination that you won't need to worry about pattern matching with. 

now sometimes these pockets can be jazzed up with a fold detail, as with the oliver + s hopscotch skirt, which i made for nora and etta for their back to school 2015 outfits:

to learn patch pockets i recommend the following patterns:

oliver + s little things to sew backpack

oliver + s ice cream dress & tunic

oliver + s school days coat

oliver + s hopscotch skirt (slightly trickier take out style pocket)



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