inseam pockets

 today we are talking about inseam pockets.

a type of of set-in pockets, inseam pockets are ones where the pocket bag is sewn into an existing seam, usually the side seam. 

this is an easy way to make any garment more practical. nicole does a great tutorial with the play time dress here.

this method still allows for finishing with french seams, which makes the whole thing more professional. if you want a really professional and streamlined look do what rae does for the washi dress and draft the pocket bag directly on to the garment so it is cut in one piece.

however i prefer to use an accent fabric and add in a pop of color with contrasting thread like maya's beatles dress above and her fireworks dress below.

to learn this skill i would recommend the following patterns: 

oliver + s play time dress & tunic

oliver + s playdate dress

made by rae washi dress


aunt maggie