more sewing for skills today as I talk about piping which is one of my favorite ways to add accents to an outfit. 

what it is

piping is the bread and butter of trim. it's essentially a small rope that is wrapped in fabric and sewn between two pieces of fabric. 

in my experience

piping is a great way to highlight or accent a collar so it stands out against the main fabric, like in etta's third birthday dress

it can also highlight a bodice, or waist line like in this bubble dress variation i made for my cousin's baby.

piping also works well along curves and adds structure to three dimensional projects like pillows and chairs. here is how i used it in an upcycled kid seat i made.

love aunt maggie upcycled kid seat

you can even make your own piping, like i did for a bed i made my parents dog rosie.

recommended patterns

the oliver + s playdate dress has an excellent tutorial on adding piping around a yoke. 

so there you have my take on piping!


aunt maggie