incredible violet incredible

coming off my awesome (if I do say so myself) peacock and paddington bear costumes the past two years i was a tad nervous for maya's halloween costume this year. i mean how could i top those two gems?

well i did.

we were originally planning having maya be the lorax to go with her sister's 'horton hears a who' costume. then my sister texted me a few weeks before halloween saying maya was obsessed with the incredibles, and could we possibly do a violet incredible costume.

well i took a look through my stash and found this:

did some googling and got to work. several hours and a few beers later i had created this:

the top is the school bus t-shirt from oliver + s. for the 'belt' i shortened the shirt body by about 4 inches and added a 5 inch wide strip of orange knit fabric, left over from her snow day outfit,. i did the same at the wrists for the black 'gloves'. (for an awesome tutorial on color blocking check this out.)

the logo is made from felt. i googled it, sketched out a draft, showed it to vic for his thoughts, then ignored him and did what i wanted. (he's a boy what does he know?) when done i attached it to the shirt with a zigzag stitch. finally i finished the neck with black fabric to be true to the character.

for the pants i used the play time legging pattern also by oliver + s. for the 'boots' i split the pattern in two, cutting it off right at the notch added back in the seam allowance, then sewed the two pieces together.

i sewed the 'underwear' piece on over the main fabric with a zigzag stitch (tutorial on that to come). then i just sewed the pants together as normal.

the result was pretty awesome. 

the whole costume was under $20, and that is only because i went to buy more fabric so i could make neela one.

violet ready for action:

violet out trick-or-treating:

the only problem? when your superpower is turning invisible... can make getting pictures for your aunt's blog a little tricky. 


aunt maggie