sewing resolutions: have less fabric

for 2015 i made myself two sewing resolutions. over a few posts i will share them as well as a third i'm adding for 2016.

my first resolution is to have less fabric. 

crazy right? you see i put a lot of time and energy into my projects, and i wouldn't have it any other way. but working a full time job means i can't sew all day long. because of this i want to make sure what time i do get to spend sewing is with fabric that is beautiful, of amazing quality, and worth the effort (and time) i am putting in. 

but like a lot of people i didn't come into sewing with strong opinions on my materials, so i acquired a lot of fabric that, while perfectly fine, might not be something I would rebuy. so i need to sew down my stash, working through all that good stuff and leaving myself with only the great fabric. 

i've done pretty well at this over the ten months, having only bought fabric half a dozen times. there is still more to be done but i thought I would share what progress i have made towards this goal so far.

first in january i made show and tell dresses from some purple corduroy that had been in my stash for two years.

in february i made neela some lullaby layette lorax pants with fabric left over from her sister's pj pants.

in march i made myself an everyday skirt from a cobalt eyelet that had been in my stash almost two years.

in april i made napkins from a grey kona cotton that I'd had for at least six months.

in may i made nora, etta, and maya dresses from this poppy fabric that had been in my stash for a year.

then in june i made two 'lil man flannels from the left overs of victor's big man flannel.

in july i made the farmers market jacket from the same corduroy i had used for the show & tell dresses above... 

at the same time i made a 2+2 blouse from some grey polka dots that had been in my stash for a year. 

in august i made baby pants from more corduroy that had been in my stash for over two years.

in september i made hopscotch skirts for nora and etta's first day of school from navy lawn (originally from stonemountain & daughter) that had been in my stash for almost a year.

in october i made a swing set skirt sewn from quilting cotton i bought on sale at stonemountain & daughter a year ago but never found the right use for:


and a sailboat top from that lawn from stonemountain & daughter:

finally i was able to use up some stash fabric for maya's halloween costume this year, which was pretty incredible if i do say so myself.


aunt maggie