swingset for hopscotch

when aunt maggie comes to Portland for the weekend a few things change:

  • donuts and chocolate milk is a completely acceptable breakfast.
  • staying up a little later on the weekend to watch an old school episode of scooby doo is fine.
  • teaching your little sister the Star Wars theme counts as both of you practicing the piano.

in exchange I request we also do photogenic activities in natural light. Like playing hopscotch outside in your new swingset skirt and hopscotch shirt.

as soon as nora's skirt i'll do a full post on this project, but for now lets just look at photos i took with my fancy new dslr.

I must confess this project (style and fabric selection) was entirely inspired by Gail's version for her daughter.

but you know what they say, imitation is sincerest form of flattery. 

now who drew that snazzy picture on the front walk?

now off to finish a matching skirt for big sister!


aunt maggie