leaf it to me

this past weekend my sisters and I went to Austin for my "bachelorette" party. 

in addition to bridesmaid dress shopping, day drinking, and succulent photographing we made a trip to craft, where for $10/hour you can use all their supplies and tools for whatever creative adventures your heart desires.


If that wasn't enough to make this girl weak in the knees they allow you to bring your own booze and offer classes. we brought a six pack of dark beer and took a screen printing class.


I designed and printed two simple leaf motifs to go with the "woodsy" theme of our wedding:


once I had mastered my technique on paper I took my talents to textiles. then sammie convinced me to use this as an opportunity to knock off a wedding craft: welcome bags.


of course there were a handful that turned out less than perfect. but once I got in the groove the vast majority turned out great!


now we need to decide how to fill them!


aunt maggie