mini southport for etta

more back to school sewing! next up miss etta!

mini southport for etta | love aunt maggie

having first blogged about it here the mini southport dress from true bias had been on my "must sew" list for well over a year. it had gotten to the point where i was a little nervous it might not live up to the hype i had built up in my head over it.

i am very pleased to say it did not disappoint. 

this style is just. so. cute. it is definitely perfect attire for hanging out in tree houses, playing on the swings, coloring on the sidewalk with chalk, and about a million other things a little girl might do.

mini southport for etta | love aunt maggie

i shopped my stash and used the teal kona cotton, originally purchased at the cloth pocket in austin for the accents on neela, maya, and etta's flower girl dresses.

but back to gushing about this pattern.

the bias bound neck and arms were a little tricky, but they look so professional. i have to saw once i got out my tailor's ham (thanks lois!) it got much easier, almost as if the device was designed especially for setting curved seams with an iron :) add in simple french seams on the sides and you've practically got a garment that is perfectly finished inside and out, which is rare for unlined dresses.

much like the roller skate dress + tunic from oliver + s it's one of those styles where it looks meh, then the second you add the elastic it transforms into the cutest thing ever. 

mini southport for etta | love aunt maggie

i did feel it might be a little short, especially when i had it hanging next to maya's back to school dress, so i did a very tiny baby hem. 

mini southport for etta | love aunt maggie

but overall i am so excited to sew this pattern again! maybe next time I'll try it in a simple chambray with contrasting binding? or a  maybe with the addition of some in-seam pockets or a shirt tail hem?

mini southport for etta | love aunt maggie


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