a pinwheel tunic for neela

last but not least for back to school sewing: something for neela banana peela. 

okay so technically this little girl is still in nursery school, but I wanted her to have something that matched her big sister's first day of kindergarten dress.

so I whipped up a pattern I hadn't made before: the pinwheel tunic from oliver + s


not surprisingly it turned fantastic. this style, like everything oliver + s does, is just darling. 


my only modification was extending the ties a bit, so they could dangle down the back even with a big bow. 


oh those little sleeves, too cute for words!


for the bias binding I first attached it along the outside with my machine. then i handstitched along the inside for a really perfect finish.

sure doing it by hand took me an entire episode of west wing but I think it was worth it. for fellow west wing fans it was the season three classic 'the u.s. poet laureate' where bartlett 'accidentally' makes a comment insinuating richie is stupid. #classicjed


enjoy your new top neela!


aunt maggie