baby pants

remember that 'lil man flannel i made?  well these pants were intended to go with it. 

i had this corduroy in my stash from a jacket i made etta, I originally purchased it back in cambridge from gather here. i picked up the accent fabric at a store in scottsdale when we were at spring training. yep that's how vic and i roll: baseball games, fabric stores, and beer. #compromises

feeling confident in my corduroy abilities after my experience with farmers market jacket and winter dresses, i decided to try my hand at a new challenging pattern: art museum trousers by you guessed it, oliver + s.

this pattern has welt pockets, which I had never done before. now there was a time when i would have done a practice round before diving into the real thing. however i work a ton and am lucky if i can sew 1-2 hours during the week. i want what little time i have at my machine to be fun and for me fun means producing. so with the help of a smashed pumpkin ale from shipyard brewing (these are fall pants after all) i just dove in.

the result was pretty good. obviously there are things i'll do better next time, but sometimes done is better than perfect right?

i did alter the waist band construction method, choosing to hand stitch the inside. also my waist band piece was a little longer than the pants, so I had to add a little tuck to make it fit, but i did so under a belt loop so it doesn't show. 

and can we talk about how cute that faux fly is?

now the baby I was originally making these for has very long genetics (dad is 6'4'' and mom is about 5'10'', both beanpoles). due to fabric limitations i couldn't add extra inches to the pieces i was cutting and decided i would just do an extra small hem to gain length. 

then plans changed and I decided these were going to be for my own niece neela. her dad is about 5'9'' and her mom (my sister), well let's just say i have been towering over her for about 15 years. so i felt comfortable doing a normal hem.

gail hit the nail on the head when she said 'something extra satisfying about making things in the smalles size...grown-up details on tiny clothes are just so cute.' let's admire those tiny grown up details shall we?  

i love how soft these pants are. combined with the fact that i did a french (i.e. fully finished and no scratchy parts) seam on the sides they feel like they would be super comfy to crawl around in.

enjoy your pants neela!


aunt maggie