polka dot playdate

also know as polka dots for maya part 3

i picked up the playdate pattern from oliver + s on sale at stonemountain & daughter while visiting victor a while back. then it just sat in my stash for months. i have no idea why, but for some reason i just wasn't drawn to the picture on the front. 

however as soon as i saw gail's version i suddenly had to make it. so one friday night with a nitro milk stout and some polka dot fabric i picked up from gather here that was in my stash i set to work. 


the yoke

wanting a simple look i omitted the flat piping, ruffles, and buttons from the yoke. despite these modifications the yoke still was a little tricky. in the end i was very happy with how it turned out, but i would recommend taking your time and using your iron and pins like crazy. since making this dress i've found this tutorial from queen of the flies, which really describes what you need to do quite well.


hem facing

this dress was the first time time i did a proper* hem facing. i've since used the technique for the twirly dresses,  maya and neela's paisley dress and tunic, nora and etta's poppy dresses, nora and etta's back to school dresses in 2014, neela's fireworks shirt, the show and tell dresses for nora and etta, and two of maya's class picnic tunics. so yeah I guess you could say i like hem facings.

*okay technically i did hem facings in the duggar dresses, but lets be honest i had no clue what i was doing then.


inverted box pleats

you know those things you never knew you had an opinion on then you think about it and realize you feel really strongly about it. that is how it is for me with inverted box pleats and nitro beers: can't say i ever really thought about these things, until one day i did, found myself decidedly in the 'pro' camp, and have been unwavering since. 

this particular dress has three inverted box pleats: one on the front and one on each sleeve into the cuff.  speaking of which, the cuff is brilliant for children's clothing. the warmth of long sleeves plus the practicality of not having them in the way for messy activities like eating.


side seam pockets

my nieces love pockets. let me say that again for emphasis: my nieces love pockets. the playdate dress was the first time i did a seam pocket in children's clothing and i love the result. you can barely tell there is a pocket on the finished dress.

also these pockets are quite dainty. on several occasions i've used them in other dresses when i haven't had enough fabric to do the prescribed pattern pieces.

finished product


aunt maggie