dropcloth sampler part one

my sister abby gives the best gifts. 

from the necklace she gave me for my 19th birthday,

to the noodlehead book she got me for my 29th, 

she always kills it.  so when i got a package the mail in this bag i knew it would be good.

turns out she got me two of the super hip dropcloth samplers

now i've long been a fan of hand stitching as a finishing technique to make things more professional (more on that here) and these samplers are a really good means to learn more ways to do that. 

so far i've learned the chain stitch, the stem stitch, the feather stitch, french knots,

and lazy dazy stitches.

i've also brushed up on my running stitch, satin stitch, and back stitch technique.

can't wait to show you the final product!


aunt maggie