tooth fairy pillow

for my birthday last year victor bought me sewing happiness by sanae ishida.


it is a darling book with heart warming stories and 19 little sewing projects. i’ve already made the triangle tote bag (to be blogged) and the zippered pouch a few times (herehere, and two more times that haven't been blogged) from the book and found the instructions to be excellent. so when maya told me she had her first loose tooth a few weeks before christmas and asked for a tooth fairy pillow i once again turned to sanae.


with oragami folding, careful topstitching, and sashiko style hand stitching the little whale design came together perfectly.


of course I couldn’t resist adding a label on the back and a side tab from twill tape.


the timing was pretty perfect: i gave it to maya on christmas morning and her tooth came out right before bedtime that night!


she has already lost another tooth and has gotten to use it again! 


aunt maggie