happy third birthday maya!

the birthday tradition continued in 2015!

recap: for maya's first birthday the theme was balloons and i made her a dress from this great balloon fabric. for her second birthday the theme was farm animals and i made a tunic with a pig embellishment

for her third birthday the theme was the lorax. not to brag but this was the direct result of a certain fun aunt (who works in the solar industry) buying her the book years ago to encourage environmentalism and reading it to her on many occasions:

having had a baby a just few weeks earlier my sister was not so keen on having the party at her house (can you blame her?) so they had a lorax themed bash at the university of michigan botanical gardens. but still throwing a birthday party when you have a newborn? 1,000,000 points for my sister.

i got this lorax print from fabric.com (no longer available there) and whipped up a class picnic tunic (by far maya'a favorite and most worn style) from oliver + s with contrasting purple facing left over from her peacock costume.

it was the perfect outfit for the birthday girl on her special day.

wanting little sister to fit in with the party theme i also made a pair of 0 - 3 months lullaby layette (another oliver + s pattern) pants with fabric left over from maya's lorax pjs. (i originally got the fabric from stonemountain & daughter, but it's now available here). my sister forgot to put her in them for the big day but they are still pretty darn cute.

the only hiccup was that in a moment of sleep deprivation my sister ordered an extra large cake, but the birthday girl didn't mind.


aunt maggie