flat piping

more sewing for skills today and I talk about another trim technique: flat piping!

what it is

flat piping has become one of my favorite accents in the past year. essentially it's a folded piece of fabric nestled between two pieces of main fabric.

like regular piping it is a great way to accent a bodice or waist line.  here it is doing just that in the snowflake pjs I made the girls a few years back.

love aunt maggie snowflake flat piping

in my experience

i first used flat piping in maya's spunky funky polka dot library dress. 

love aunt maggie flat piping librbary

i liked the look so much i used it the next time i made the pattern for nora and etta's back to school dresses in 2014.

and again for maya's fireworks dress,

and once more for neela's music box tunic.

recommended patterns

without a doubt the oliver + s library dress is a great way to learn flat piping. 



aunt maggie