kindle case tutorial

anyone hoping to get a kindle for the holidays? 

i got one last year from victor and thought i would share a tutorial for making a simple case for it. 



  • a fat quarter of fabric
  • thread
  • embroidery floss
  • button



1. measure your kindle. 

2. cut two identical rectangles: the width should be the width of your kindle plus a half an inch plus twice the seam allowance. the length should be twice the length plus twice the seam allowance plus two inches.

3. if you want to add a label do it now.

4. with right sides together sew the two pieces of fabric together on three sides, leaving one of the short sides open.

5. trim the seam allowances from the three sewn sides, flip right side out and iron. turn the unsewn sides in and iron. 

6. fold the the rectangle into the shape of the case, with the unsewn side on the inside and two inches overhang on the other side.

7. using the embrodiery floss sew along one side, across the unsewn side (making it sewn), and down the other.   

8. sew a button hole on the flap and sew on a button.

9. finally load up an easy but entertaining read for your commute.  


aunt maggie