hi, i'm maggie.

{like the rod stewart song}

i'm a quirky millennial living in the bay area who loves dark beer, hiking, exposed brick, and creative endeavors, in particular sewing for my four nieces: nora, etta, maya, and neela.

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alder creek trail

alder creek trail

for our honeymoon we went to yosemite.

our first day in Yosemite we checked into our cabin, unloaded the our suitcase and the yeti from the Volvo, then kicked back to enjoy a beer:


however after about 15 minutes we realized we could have a beer later and it was going to get dark in a few hours. So we put on your new hiking boots, grabbed the camera, and hit the trails.

first we discovered this fork in the river: 

then we just went exploring around the hiking trails from the village. 

this trail went along a "creek" (aka raging river) and we stumbled upon a waterfall.

finally we returned to cabin just as the sun was setting.


aunt maggie


music by jakob dylan's dad

music by jakob dylan's dad

batter up

batter up