a lil’ man chambray

another baby boy, another oliver + s sketchbook shirt.

unlike my previous renditions of this pattern (here, here, and here) i decided to make this one from a chambray (which I got from stonemountain & daughter on my birthday as mentioned here) for two reasons: 

1. it’s this couple’s first baby and chambray is a gender neutral choice. you know just in case a girl comes along later.

2. the father of this baby wears a lot of chambray button down shirts, so now they can be twins.

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a trio of lovely larks

as previously mentioned, i recently made a goal to sew more things for myself. so on my birthday a few months ago I took the day off work and made trips to my two favorite fabric stores in the east bay: a verb for keeping warm and stonemountain & daughter and got fabrics specifically for this purpose. 

one of the patterns on my to-sew list was the lark cardigan, which is an adaptation of the lark tee from grainline studio. i believe the first time you sew a pattern it's best to follow the instructions and hold off on any alterations or hacks. so before I embarked on the cardigan variation I thought it best to make a basic lark tee with the lightweight grey knit I picked up at a verb for keeping warm. 

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a messy kid bib

quick post on something I whipped up for baby wesley!

one of the oldest fabrics in my stash is this whale laminated oilcloth I bought back in cambridge at gather here in 2012. having never sewn with oilcloth before I was looking for an easier pattern that would provide lots of instruction and up my odds of a successful result.

cue the little things to sew book from oliver + s.

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maya goes to kindergarten

another back to school post!

maya started kindergarten this year and is the third generation in our family to attend the ann arbor public schools. so naturally a new dress was in order.   

lets talk fabric selection.

back in may we went up to heldsburg for a wedding. the wedding venue, our Airbnb, the rehearsal dinner venue, and a fabric store were all within 800 yards of one another. combine this with the fact that we referred to the groom as "sargent substance" back in college and what do you get? I'll give you a hint" it rhymes with 'funk maverick bopping'.

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