maya's mountain dress

as previously mentioned maya and neela have beautiful complexions and can pull off very bright colors. where other kids would get washed out or overwhelmed by bright bold prints, these girls look amazing. which means aunt maggie has a lot of fun picking out fabric for them. 

when i came across this remnant of amy butler voile (spearmint buttercups from the soul blossoms | joy collection) at gather here i knew immediately it would be perfect for maya.

in texting my sister i found out they were attending a wedding in colorado in a few weeks so that night i poured myself an oatmeal stout, grabbed some white lawn from my stash for the lining, and made her a fairy tale dress from oliver + s (sans collar). add in 1/4 a yard of bright pink batiste for a sash and we were in business. 

the dress was such a hit i got a call from my sister the night of the wedding to let me know maya was the 'bell of the ball'.

let's talk fabric for a second. i love cotton. for me good cotton is right up there with exposed brick, iced coffee, and my label maker. doesn't matter if it's seersucker, voile, chambray, corduroy, eyelet, flannel, lawn, or canvas, i love it.  

the three fabrics used here are all lightweight cottons, but different kinds. the sash is lawn, the main fabric is voile, and the lining is batiste. dresses like this underscore my belief that unless a child is participating in the royal wedding there is no reason for them to be in anything other than cotton. it's washable, comfortable, but still looks good.

and because cotton is so comfortable and washable this dress continued to be worn for everyday kid activities for months after the wedding:


aunt maggie