film fashion: man in the high castle

okay it's not a film, but v and I have been watching this Amazon series.

set in 1962 it's an alternative version of history in which natzi germany and japan had won World War Two. America fell and is now split into the japanese pacific states (west coast) and the greater natzi reich (east coast and mdwest) with a neutral zone in the middle (rockies). the main character juliana crain is a san francisco woman about my age who lives with her Jewish boyfriend until she joins the rebellion. 

image source:  voice of tv

image source: voice of tv

watching this show I've come to a few conclusions:

  • swastikas are unnerving in any context
  • but if the Germans were in charge our public transit system would be awesome
  • old fashion film reels look like a huge pain to operate

i've also been fascinated with juliana's style, which is sort of a slightly depressed version of betty draper. i was particularly taken by the dress she wears in the first half of the pilot

image source:  the telegraph

image source: the telegraph

 a simple green number with a knee length swishy skirt,  

image source:  magbuz

image source: magbuz

three quarter length sleeves,

image source:  reel good

image source: reel good

and a slight boat neck. 

image source: front porch stapleton

watching her in the dress I began mentally comparing the style to indie patterns I've been eyeing, you know in case i wanted to make myself a version.

enter the moneta dress from colette patterns:

perfect right?!

but what about fabric? well the moneta dress needs a knit fabric which narrows down our options but still there are possibilities like this solid green knit. if you're in the mood to treat yourself this liberty of london foliage print in teal would be a great option. 


aunt maggie