a belated thank you (part one)

as previously mentioned my hippie parents didn't enforce a lot of rules. 

however there were guidelines they, well really my mom, believed everyone should follow: always drive slower and more carefully than you feel is necessary (especially in bad weather), perform at least one random act of kindness each and every day, don't leave candles or anything that burns unattended (better yet just don't burn anything inside), and always say thank you. 

earlier this year i came home to find i had received an unexpected package. the good folks at oliver + s had sent me a gift! in addition to four awesome knit fabrics (helping me with one of my new year sewing resolutions: to sew more knits), they sent the pinwheel dress and in a clutch cosmetic case patterns, and a whole bunch of straight stitch society swag.


talk about random act of kindness! to express my gratitude i am going to share the two things i've made (so far) from this awesome gift.

first up was the in a clutch cosmetic case. using the pattern they sent and cotton + steel tangrams fabric left over from my everyday skirt i made myself a much needed travel cosmetic bag.


i was also able to use another free gift, albeit not from oliver + s, in this bag: a scrap of mint polka dot that selvedge studio in missoula montana sent when i ordered the some patterns from them. i used it for the zipper bindings and for a pocket i added on the inside. 


with it's pleated front and bound zipper this is such a darling style. i definitely see myself making it as a gift.

the next thing i made was hopscotch tops for nora and etta from the blue knit fabric. 


saying this fabric sewed like a dream would be an understatement. I've found when it comes to knits the right fabric makes all the difference. use a bad quality fabric and you'll end up with something that looks like a distorted home economics project. use a good quality and well you'll have something like this:


so thank you, thank you, thank you oliver + s team! i loved my gift, and can't wait to show you what i sew next!


aunt maggie